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Get discounts on the most important and beautiful excursions outside Machu Picchu and enjoy vacation packages to the enigmatic Nasca lines passing through the world's deepest canyon (Colca) or perhaps a trip to the highest lake in the world (Titi Caca)

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This is a destination that every tourist must know once in life, he noted for its colorful landscapes and experiential tourism that allows visitors to share the traditions and customs of the locals. Also this year, Taquile was considered among the most beautiful islands in the world.

  • USD$: 75
(13 votes)

Can you you visit the Colca Canyon in one day?..If you dont have time in Arequipa, a full day trip to visit the Colca Canyon,  is the Best way.  Enjoy one of the deepest canyons in the world with its nice and happy local people..

  • USD$: 99
(9 votes)

Climbing on the highest point of the island Taquile ranked among the four most beautiful islands in the world. Wake up with the sun wonderful and unique island Amantani finally walk and..

  • USD$: 99
(9 votes)

Arequipa is stunning region of volcanoes and canyons, if you come  to Arequipa you can not miss the Colca canyon. This 2 day tour is a bus and and is perfect for those who are short on time or those who do not want to do any trekking.

  • USD$: 129
(9 votes)

Nasca from Lima. (One Day) Instead of traveling to the airport in Nazca, our clients fly over the lines from the airport in Pisco. This is much closer to Lima, avoiding the discomfort of a long drive to Nasca.

  • USD$: 459
(12 votes)

Be Impressed with the mysterious legacy of the cultures of the ancient coast of Peru (Nasca and Paracas) take a ride on a modern transport and start to have a wonderful experience.

  • USD$: 429
(9 votes)