Eco Jungle 02 Days / Code: B-1 (All Trek)

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  • LOCATION: Cusco
  • DEPARTURES: Every Day
Madre de Dios the Amazon Paradise:

* Officially created in 1990 as Tambopata Reserve - Candamo, is located to the east and south of Puerto Maldonado. It consists of 1.5 million hectares (3.5 million acres) in the regions of Madre de Dios and Puno.

Tambopata National Reserve protects a wide variety of landscapes and wildlife, including lakes with Herons, Kingfishers, Caimans and Giant Otters, spectacular waterfalls, incredible clay licks visited by hundreds of Macaws, monkeys and Tapirs, palm swamps different nesting birds, rivers with sandy beaches for camping. All these wonders attract tourists, scientists and wildlife photographers.  

⇒  Reserve Ubication: ( 11856.1ac within the rainforest)

located two hours from Puerto Maldonado navigating Madre de Dios river, an Ecological 11856.1ac Reserve within the rainforest in the heart of Amazon paradise in Tambopata, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru. Few places in the world nature shows so magical conjugation of a vibrant forest, winding rivers, huge swamps, forming lush sustainable ecosystems aguajales, this is why Puerto Maldonado is known as the capital of the Biodiversity of Peru.

Alluvial forests make the area protected by Eco Amazonia, a tourism project which aims to bring together the visitor with nature.

Few places in the world nature shows so magical conjugation of a vibrant forest!

Our forests up to 60m (180ft) high and 3m (12ft) in diameter are home to many dominant tree species

Tour Itinerary:

2 Days | 1 Nights
Day 1: Caimán Cocha
Day 2: Departure (AM)

* A tatse of The Amazon Paradise 


Welcome / Reception
Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado, Peru´s Capital City of Biodiversity, we will welcome you at the airport. Then, we´ll start our program with a visit around the city, on a bus.

Afterwards, we will go to Puerto Capitanía, to board a motorized riverboat, and we´ll navigate on the Madre de Dios River. During the journey, we will submerge into a fascinating natural environment, if we are lucky we will witness Ronsocos, Caimans, Turtles, Herons, Cormorants and other animal species in their natural environment.

Arriving at the Ecoamazonia Lodge, we will enjoy an exquisite welcome drink, we´ll get settled in our bungalows and will have lunch together.


Once satisfied, you will be conducted by our specialized tour guide through an interpretive trail conveniently signposted to the Caimán Cocha, a small lake with an abundant presence of specimens of Black Caiman (Melanosuchus Niger) and Caiman (Caiman Crocodilus).

At the end of the evening, you will witness the spectacular sunset in the Amazon, an experience full of intensities overwhelming color ranges.

Upon returning to the Lodge, a delicious dinner will await you, and enjoy free time to share unforgettable moments at the bar, equipped with an excellent game room and all the drinks you can imagine.

After a restful night's sleep, the morning begins with the sound of beautiful birdsongs from the Amazon Paradise. In our dining room awaits a farewell breakfast before embarking the return to Puerto Maldonado.

»  Program inclusions:

⇒ Transfer: Aiport/Lodge/Airport.
⇒ Excursions with specialised guides.
⇒ All meals.
⇒ 01 night of camping

» Not included:
⇒ Fly tickets,  alcoholic drinks


Comfort & Safety.

Our Partner Eco Amazonia  has 50 Bungalows designed and built from local materials following standards of environmental and social responsibility, to provide the comfort, meet your expectations and a feel safe during your stay.

The environment of each room is properly furnished with nets (avoiding the entrance of insects); comfortable room with a master, double or triple beds and private bathroom. Amenities include:

⇒ Comfortable rooms
⇒ Private Bathroom with Shower
⇒ Reaturant/Bar and Game Room
⇒ Pool


» Important Note:

⇒ We are not responsible if flights are canceled due to bad weather.
⇒ Itineraries changes or technical failures.
⇒ Departure TO the Lodge is at noon.
⇒ Departure FROM the Lodge is at 8am.

Light clothing, long sleeve shirts, long pants, hats, waterproof jacket, two pairs of shoes, sunglasses, insect repellent, blockers, swimwear, boots, binoculars, flashlight, camera, personal water bottle and personal medications.

Large bags will stay in our offices in Puerto Maldonado, our boats are for passengers, we recommend taking a small backpack with enough to stay at the lodge


Rates with 10% Discount:

We guarentee 100% that you can leave on any date you wish!!


Price Per Person: USD$ 320 (American Dollars)


⇒ Departures are Monday ,Wednesday, Friday, we just need 2 people!!
⇒ Open: January _ December 2016


» Other Activities

⇒ Sportfishing
⇒ Photography
⇒ Studies and Research:
⇒ Amphibians, Mammals, Insects & Birds
⇒ Botanical Garden

⇒ All reservations must be made well in advance (1 and 2 month is recommended especially during the months June, July and August). Earlier is better due to restrictions on the number of flights.



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