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We are Tour Operator and Adventure Travel Agency (Andean Trekking Specialists) We offer 10 different tours and walks in the region of Cusco and Machu Picchu including the famous Inca Trail.

We organize the best tourist packages with fair prices.
We strive to always provide them with truthful information and quality of service that is always in balance with the price paid.

More than 15 years of experience organizing expeditions and walks around Machu Picchu guarantee our performance in the world of tourism. These years of experience have allowed us to position ourselves as a 100% local operator and create a brand characterized by its quality.

We have Official Authorization Ministry of Tourism of Peru and INRENA Machu Picchu as official operators of Inca Trail and we are members of some Scout Clubs of America and Europe. (Member discount 5%) (*) ©

Local family business. Our team is made up of people from the local family environment and its founder is a native collaborator of the Andean peoples. This allows us to generate some degree of development in the local villages.

We strive for the growth of our family business because this will ensure that we give you the best of services at a price affordable to everyone


Important Note: We have signed an agreement with PATAZ PRO ANIMALISTA in order to help this Group. 


Group of caregivers feed and shelter dogs that are homeless and abandoned. It is a small organization that works in the city of Cusco since 2010 and non-profit.

All food, medicines and veterinary service is paid, we do not get it for free. So your cash and food donations are welcome!

We are looking for people named godmothers and godparents to help us with USD 20 as a voluntary contribution, This money is spent on the following:

/Payment of water and electricity Purchase of monthly medicines to carry out the campaigns of sterilization and vaccination.

/Payment at social cost of the veterinarians operating in the campaigns.

/Food of all our Dogs.

/All puppies at the hostel have been picked up with some illness or bodily injury, so it is always necessary to have money to pay for these expenses.

You will receive a certificate and a free guided tour to our CasaPerro too..

you want to be a godparent? Click here



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Quality and Fair Price:
All Trek (A.T & Jungle SAC is dedicated to providing tourists With the best tourism services at very competitive prices. Offering unique alternatives to Those Who Want to Travelers glimpse of Peru's ancient mysteries and to experience Peruvian culture firsthand.
Small Groups Specialists:
Our company is Committed to providing quality small group tours in Have a positive impact That on the local culture and the environment.
We Promote Routes not known:
Our passion is to cover the treks around to Machu Picchu and share other less well-known routes while safeguarding the ecosystem and promoting tourism in local villages.

Our Core Values



The Organization of Porteadores aims to safeguard the ecosystem and the opening of new routes of tourism: It is a non profit organization is helped by our company, recently transformed into a ONG with the association of 102 partners all porters of the farming communities of Patabamba , Kenqos and Siwas in the Cusco


Only: 2%

2% of our profit to donate in aid and benefits for these communities, this little money to help build a small school.(this percentage is not much money but we do it with love) also we are not a big company.


Get involved

We do not accept money but it is possible that you send clothes, toys, second use, notebooks, especially shoes for children. They appreciate it if you can do