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Cusco Day Trips

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Geographically, Peru is distinguished by three markedly different zones; the coast, the sierra, and the jungle. The coast, bathed by the Pacific ocean, is a long strip of desert with coastal fertile valleys and is the location of the most economically active cities in the country. In the sierra, the abrupt relief of the Andes mountain range is marked by profound ravines, high plateaus, lakes, and fertile valleys. The Peruvian jungle, dominated principally by the Amazons, is of varying elevation and soft slopes with an extraordinary natural richness.

Machupicchu by train 2 days

Machupicchu by train 2 daysMachu Picchu (Quechua: Machu Pikchu, "Old Peak"; pronounced Machupichu is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 2,400 meters (7,875 ft) above sea level.[1] It is situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, which is 80 km (50 mi) northwest of Cuzco and through which the Urubamba River flows. The river is a partially navigable headwater of the Amazon River. Often referred to as "The Lost City of the Incas", Machu Picchu probably is the most familiar symbol of the Inca Empire. It is also one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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Peru and Bolivia Travel 11 Days

Peru and Bolivia Travel 11 DaysThis long and rewarding journey going beyond our boudaries getting at La Paz in the brother country of Bolivia, has a particular feature which stresses on the idyosincrasy, crafts and peculiar beliefs from those peoples that are inheritors from a rich cosmovision which refuses to die despite the fact of the technological advancement and globalization.

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Lima Machu picchu 7 Days

Lima Machu picchu 7 DaysThis whole week tour is the summon from the momentous stages in the Peruvian history which shaped this diverse and rich country whose culture fascinates all kind of visitors regardless their interests. Lima, City, Cuzco,City, Sacred Valley Machu Picchu.

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Peru New Year 9 Days

Peru New Year 9 DaysThere are too much people wanting to enjoy from Machu Picchu about the New Year’s Day. This program is specially designed for visiting this magical citadel along with the Titicaca lake, cradle of the Inca empire.

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Peru Tour 25 Days

Peru Tour 25 DaysThis long programme spans amazing architectural feats along with overwhelming ladscapes, and a richly exotic flora and fauna. This privileged whole environment is with no doubt a perfect achievement from the nature and from the mankind that you mustnot miss.

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Family tour to Peru 16 Days

Family tour to Peru 16 DaysThis special program has been exclusively designed for whole and traditional families that are eager to enjoy with no limitations and toatally safe the adventureus feature from an unforgettable vavation with no putting aside the cultural aspect, both characteristics underlying a real and total journey-vacation. This whole kind vacation must therefore comprices, the natural beautiness and the cultural wealth from this priviledged contry. Consequently, unavoidable sites to visit around the shout are the magical citadel of Machupicchu in Cusco,capital of the ancient inca empire and beyond the highest lake in the world located in Puno. And getting deep into the wild and lusty forest, to explore the cities built around the Amazon basin. Finally the beautiful Pacific coast in the north adoned by peculiar and paradisiac villages.

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Cusco Inka Mysteries 4 Days

Cusco Inka Mysteries 4 DaysThis four days tour will allow you feeling immersed in a highly developed culture which came to our times regarded as an empire, a powerful civilization that became the cradle to some of the modern brother American countries that equally feel proud of being in some way inheritors from our Tahuantinsuyo empire. Consequently, after having enjoyed from this exciting and knowledgeable tour you`ll know from first hand the rise and fall and of course the magic from a peculiar culture.

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Enjoying All Perú 19 Days

Enjoying All Perú 19 DaysOur special Discovering Perù, getting through Lima, Paracas, Nazca, Chiclayo with its Lord of Sipán, Trujillo with its largest adobe city of Chan Chan, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in Cuzco, the astonishing Colca Cayon in Arequipa, and the highest navigable lake in the world, the Titicaca located in Puno.

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Peru Easy Travel 9 Days

Peru Easy Travel 9 DaysThis programme aims to let you know besides of the unique and varied beautiness from our country, the origins that gave shape to this nation mixed as well in idiosyncrasy as in cultural wealth with the western style that came from Europe to form a real newly and alluring country.

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Travel Peru 5 Days

Travel Peru 5 DaysThis program is properly scheduled for enjoying in less than a week just the Peruvian south without feeling missing any highlighted site along this zone so filled with very developed ancient cultures and overwhelming natural beautiness.

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Peru Nice 15 Days

Peru Nice 15 DaysThis whole week tour is the summon from the momentous stages in the Peruvian history which shaped this diverse and rich country whose culture fascinates all kind of visitors regardless their interests. LIMA - ICA - PARACAS - NAZCA - AREQUIPA - PUNO - CUZCO - MACHU PICCHU - LIMA .

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Peru mixes - Machu picchu Amazon River 9 Days

Peru mixes - Machu picchu Amazon River 9 DaysThis southern travel focuses on the main feature from a real and genuine journey which is explorating getting deep into unimaginable and haunting places which will make from our travel an unforgettable experience. This 9 days programme starts in the old western-spaniard Lima, getting along to the highly developed Inca culture going as far as the inhospitable, scarcely developed but fascinating jungle.

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Cusco and Machu Picchu 6 days

Cusco and Machu Picchu 6 daysThis is an alternative tour, designed especially for those travelers whose time is short, it’s three days very adjusted but with the maximum enjoyment of the marvel of Lima and Cusco whose almost forced visits are the famous valley of the Inca the mystic Sacsayhuaman fortrees and of course Machu picchu. as final point, to keep the Cusco in our heart.

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Exploring Peru 10 Days

Exploring Peru 10 DaysThis highly culturally rich journey comprehends all the most outstanding natural and architectonical places that characterizes the enigmatical beautiness of the Peruvian south. From the colonial capital of the old Perù until the uncompletely explored jungle.

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